Spec: Sho

11 02 2017

Japanese title: SPEC〜翔〜
Number of episodes: 1 (TV Special)

Some info:
1) DramaWiki (main series)
2) Official Site (Japanese)

When the main TV series ended, they did ‘announce’ that they wouldn’t have any special or sequels in the future but of course we are proven so very wrong, with this TV special just before the movie screened back in Japan. Anyhow, this is sort of a continuation of the main series, but the timeline is not immediately after the end of the season. As with most TV specials prior to their movie screening, it is either a recap-summary + a little bridge to the movie, or some event in between the series and movie for fans to watch. Thankfully, this one is not a mere summary of the things that happened, but something new and possibly (I didn’t know at that time) related to the plot of the movie in some ways.

We will get to see more of the formula unique to this series, with the kind of dialogue, parody sequences and also the partnership between our main leads. Of course, the existence of those with SPEC continue to be of importance and highlight here. Granted, some of the special powers ‘showcase’ can look a little dorky, but I would say it fits right into the style and approach of the series so far. No reason to change it.

There’s also a director’s cut version which about 30 minutes longer, but from the differences I could see (I watched the non DC version first), it seems that there are some additional scenes included but none of which I found to be especially crucial. Or maybe my observation skills/memory has failed me more than I had imagined. Anyhow, the normal TV version should be sufficient if you have problems finding reliable sources for the DC version.

And finally, it’s a no-brainer to see the ending of this TV special to be linked closely to the movie that I have watched too, and will probably cover in a later entry. For those who like this series should definitely pick the TV special up as it provides some additional information and clues to which the movie will cover. The reason why I didn’t mention anything about the plot is because it is actually quite important not to be spoiled before knowing what really went on, or at least I believe that is the case to enjoy the show much more.




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