The Amazing Spider-Man

9 02 2017

Rating: PG
Running time: 136 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

Some info
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3) MovieMistakes Profile
4) Official Site (English)

I have no idea why they like rebooting series so much, but this movie is the beginning of a reboot for Spider-Man, so we will get to see his ‘origins’ once again. But of course it is not just a remake of the movie that premiered some years back. Granted, some of the details remain the same due to storyline requirements but there are also changes. There are some elements here that weren’t present in the previous series and probably they nailed some things more correctly this time round.

For many parts, as they are familiar scenarios to those who have watched Spider-Man previously or know some things about the character’s background, they may appear to be ‘nothing new’ and just going along to see how the movie presents the things. If it’s a sign of anything, at least I didn’t feel bored or skipping chunks of the movie for this matter, so I suppose the production team did a fairly good job after all. Not sure if I know anyone who watched this as their first Spider-Man show to check with how they found it. Ah well.

In other things, with the use of more and more visual effects etc thanks to improvements and ease of inclusion of this in movies, some scenes definitely look ‘prettier’ and awesome looking but at the same time, it also made some scenes more unnatural since the cast  probably knows that there will be some post-filming processing and hence their actions and expressions look a little ‘off’. I also spotted a handful of continuity errors in terms of camera angles or props placement etc, which should mean that there are probably going to be a lot more (as MovieMistakes would suggest).

The scenes in the credits or post-credits certainly indicate at least a sequel to come and I can’t really figure who that is and what that really meant. Probably because I don’t know the background story well enough. Overall, it wasn’t too bad a movie though there are certainly occasions that were a little off. I wonder what the sequel will have in store for us. We will find out sooner or later. Anyhow, my take: 6.5/10

p.s. Stan Lee really is able to cameo in all these movies…




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