Kaiji 2

3 02 2017

Japanese title: カイジ2
Rating: PG
Running time: 133 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

Some info:
1) AsianWiki
2) IMDB Profile
3) Official Site (Japanese)

The 2nd movie for the live adaptation of Kaiji and as expected (or known from the sneak peek during season 2 of the anime), this movie will have the ‘legendary’ pachinko machine as the main highlight of the show.

Having read this part of the manga as well as having watched the anime season for this part of the Kaiji story, one may wonder why I still chose to watch this live action adaptation. For one, there will definitely be changes in this version as there were already some areas tweaked/mixed in the previous movie which will in some ways, affect some finer details in this sequel. For another, it’s actually quite cool to see a reconstruction (well, almost) of the machine as an actual object. And of course, the movie decides to add in a ‘mini-game’ of its own which is something not in the original work.

The ‘cruelty’ and violence part of the movie has toned down slightly (or maybe rather significant) compared to the original writing, but I suppose that also makes it slightly more acceptable to a wider group of audience since it’s really not nice to be looking at all those ‘miserable’ scenes. While it does not affect the plot directly, the only difference I feel is that you don’t get this extra ‘bonus’ sense of conviction these characters have after they go through all that pain. Not really a big issue though. The aesthetic part of the movie is also more appealing to the eye as well, and it’s not just the characters (more handsome dudes and eye candy!) that I’m referring to. Some of the props and set look really nice too, showing that the production team has really put in efforts to make the scenes look good.

Overall, for someone who doesn’t read the manga nor watch the anime, I would suppose the live adaptation movies so far have done a fairly good job. There seems to be another arc in the manga which I haven’t read (since I think it’s still in the midst of releasing, or scanlating since I prefer to read an entire arc), nor hear news about an anime adaptation but perhaps we will get another movie sequel in a couple of years for now. Anyway, my take: 6.5/10



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