Welcoming the Rooster Year

29 01 2017

It’s time for another weekly update, though I think most of my friends are probably busy visiting relatives or having family gatherings and whatnot. I’ll also have mine soon, so I am taking a little time off to blog over here before heading out since it should be a fairly quick affair to write up.

Work wise, the atmosphere is probably pretty much a holiday mood sort of thing, since there are many people who headed home over the course of the week to reunite with their family members and stuff, and it will probably be emptier come Tuesday when I return to work again. That said, it is not like I am free to slack around as I have a pretty big task to clear over the next week or two. Yeah, I think it will be pretty time consuming and I will have to find out some of the things after people start returning from their holiday break. Ah well, I guess have to see how things go, though to be honest, I am not exactly very motivated with the tasks lined up.

Backlog wise, I haven’t been clearing a whole lot since the start of the year, yet I am not exactly spending more time on some of the other things I would have hoped to be on. Perhaps I have to make other ‘radical’ changes so that I would actually have the energy and concentration level to be more ‘efficient’ in clearing various aspects of my backlog. In any case, I have already scheduled entries for the rest of the week as usual, and reserve drafts continue to be tapped on. Looks like my 2012 stash is coming to an end soon-ish. Lol yea, that means there’s another 4 years worth of drafts to go, which probably means my blog can run for some time to come. =D

As usual, the CNY period isn’t exactly a very busy period for me, though I will have to show face during the relatives gathering for some hours which I am about to set off for in the near future. There isn’t much interesting stuff to talk about this week so I think it will end right about now. Hopefully, your festive season is a more interesting and exciting one than mine and I shall look forward to more R&R time after I return from the gathering.

p.s. I have no idea why I chose that title. Lol



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