28 01 2017

Rating: M18
Running time: 95 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

Some info:
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2) IMDB Profile
3) MovieMistakes Profile
4) Official Site (English)

A fairly eye-catching title, especially to the younger audience. But does it live up to its supposed attraction? Then, will the concept of having a real life gaming experience be enough to cut it? Well, my personal answer is no.

Set in a fictional future (or maybe it will become real =P), the lines between reality and virtual life is blurred when you have the ability to buy/rent a real person and experience various things by ‘controlling’ their avatars. The gamer part would be referring to the battlefield that our main star happens to excel in. Well, the only difference is that you only have 1 life, no ability to continue so game over literally means death. For all the kinds of genre available, the game here is more of a FPS approach. I guess it is one of the biggest gaming market out there anyway.

That aside, the movie can’t be all about this virtual/real game and indeed it is not. The real plot is actually in the mastermind of these real-virtual services and the conspiracy (or so it is supposed to be designed that way) behind it. In this department, I think it is stretching a little too far in trying to add points to the show and doesn’t achieve its intended purpose. In fact, the ending left me rather baffled, but hey, it’s the ending that the movie wanted.

If there’s anything good about the show then maybe it’s the violence and um, human desires featured in the 2 key real-virtual services in the movie. These things aren’t particularly to my liking, but I suppose there’s people out there who like these stuff. But since the strongest selling point is not enough to win me over, it’s only natural to expect a low score from me. My take: 5.5/10




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