Liar Game: Reborn

27 01 2017

Japanese title: ライアーゲーム -再生-
Rating: PG
Running time: 131 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

Some info:
1) AsianWiki
2) IMDB Profile
3) Official Site (Japanese)

While everyone thought that the first movie was the final live action adaptation we will see, the TV specials just prior to the screening of this movie in Japan have already told us that there is more coming, and indeed this movie will cover the arc of the manga that wasn’t fully completed at the time of previous productions. As I have been reading the manga series for quite a bit after the very first season of the drama, I already know how the game goes and the key tricks in affecting the outcome.

For those who are familiar, the previous series and movies have already changed certain details, especially to the female lead, so we see a change of actress and correspondingly a new character appearing for this game. As such, certain interactions feel rather different and some of the ‘feel’ is lost. Of course apart from this, the characters that participate in the game are a little different too, and thus some of the moments will not happen for obvious reasons. Okay that aside, the core nature of the game is the one that is most ‘preserved’ here. While the game pretty much stays intact, somehow I find that it is lacking in something more than just reproducing the game – I’m not so thrilled by some of the characters which were supposed to make things more exciting as they were ‘tweaked’. Perhaps knowing the game really isn’t a good thing, especially due to the nature of the game. But I am unable to imagine if I didn’t know the game and had only been following the live action series, or even coming into contact with this title for the first time.

Well if anything, the props etc are still created with a style that has been familiar to the live action series and it’s one of the few things that I felt that was fairly good this time round. Of course, when comparing to the kind of setting used in the manga, definitely the one in the original work is more impressive and all but I suppose there are budget and location constraints. Lol.

I am not sure if there will be any other productions to come in the future, but if they intend to make use of contents from original work then we are probably in for some waiting (based on draft time) as the current arc I feel, is still quite some distance from the end. Then again, from the way the movie ended, if we were to see a later production ‘continuing’ the story as the manga is doing, we will see quite some changes once again in that future live action work. Overall, as someone who follows the original work it may not be the most enjoyable of movies, but for those that don’t, there’s probably some thing(s) that will entertain them. If you know which group you belong to, then you know what you should do.




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