22 01 2017

It’s time for the weekly update, though it is technically not on the day which is supposed to be published. But in any case, looking at the time now, it will most likely hit the right day by the time I finish writing because it’s really just several minutes more to go only and I doubt I usually write that fast.

Well, let’s start with work stuff as usual. To be honest, I would say it is fairly ok when it comes to me handling my own tasks and planning the schedule for it. I have met the daily progress which I have set for myself and actually most of the time I finish slightly ahead of time which could have been easily negated if there were any extra interruptions or stuff like that. That said, it is not like I am exactly enjoying the tasks I am doing now. Not sure how the days ahead would go, since I am pretty much doing a little bit here and there and everywhere, perhaps even starting to wonder which area is my “specialisation”. Ah well, such matters are not really within my control looking at the resources available at the moment so I shall just try to go with the flow without suffering too much.

For once, I think I shall write a 2nd chapter with work related stuff. Well, I was made to attend a certain event which extended to after work hours and to be honest I am not a fan of attending such events, especially with one which I was also made to go roughly 1.5 years ago. To be nice, I would say it is somewhat within my perceived expectations which I was told to be not the case, or getting some sort of disbelief from others, but turns out I was right on a couple of matters. To be honest, some basic stuff can’t even be handled properly, so I think it is really quite disappointing. And obviously, this sort of event is really not something that everyone can attend and enjoy themselves. Not sure if there will be any effective way to feedback but I will be keeping a lookout for it. Based on my current mood thus far, I would probably be straightforward and honest since I realise being so called “nice” doesn’t net a nice outcome, so why bother? I suppose this is partly why certain actions and behaviour which take place that are more individualistic in nature. Oh well, I shan’t go into further details as I suspect it will make my mood bad again. Yup, moving on.

Backlog wise, this week I really didn’t clear much, partly because I was really quite tired for the most of the week, and in fact at the moment I am still really quite tired. I should have really slept more during the weekend, but at the same time the weekend is the best time to be relaxing and chilling with games and shows etc. I suppose I have to prioritise better and really get more rest, since not being rested well will affect my energy levels for the entire work week. In any case, I have already scheduled entries for the rest of the week, with a proportion similar to the previous week so after completing this entry, I am pretty much “free” to really chill big time =D Well then, I think it’s about time I take my leave, since I am not in such a good mood to be writing in any case, so I shall see you next week, which is a public holiday.




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