The Hunger Games

21 01 2017

Rating: PG13
Running time: 142 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

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Another blockbuster that began screening earlier this year and it became quite popular and well received. I’ve heard that this will be part of a trilogy and it does feel that there will be sequels after watching this movie. Set in a fictitious time with a country and its own political system, the movie starts off by introducing the country and its ‘culture’ of having this games called the Hunger Games. I would say that the introduction is fairly well done to let viewers know more about this ‘world’ and it will help to understand some of the implications behind the motivations of the various groups of people.

To be honest, I was expecting more action in the movie since it has something to do with ‘hunting’ and it’s also some sort of game. However, I felt it was more of the ideas and themes that took heavier importance in the movie and probably its subsequent sequels. The political aspects/references, the impacts on its people and hence their actions, as well as some of the more ‘basic’ type of relationships between fellow humans in general stood out to me more. Okay, and perhaps the ‘romance’ parts, or rather the true meaning behind all that act even though different groups of characters will interpret that differently.

The Games is supposedly one of the biggest and grandest events around, but on some occasions this ‘reality TV’ game show doesn’t appear very appealing to me and in fact rather flawed as well. Perhaps it is to reflect certain modern day trends or something. Shrugs. It also looks like this movie is currently setting the stage for something bigger, while there’s something more than just the games behind it all. Seeing how there are further stories after this one, it is definitely not a surprise that it is designed to be so at the current stage. In some ways, I am looking forward to how the plot will further develop, especially on the theme level.

There was indeed quite a buzz when it first premiered and the movie turned out to be different from what I was thinking it would be, but in a number of ways a pleasant difference in expectations. Of course, there are segments of the movie that didn’t get my attention very much, but overall I think it’s still a fairly enjoyable movie. I would like to see more developments in the story and hopefully it won’t disappoint me in the future. My take: 6.5/10




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