20 01 2017

Rating: PG13
Running time: 131 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

Some info:
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4) Official Site (English)

The action blockbuster that was screened earlier this year (now you know when this was drafted). It is supposed to be inspired by the classic board game but for the most part I would say it really feels like a movie on its own except for one segment where there is more notable reference to it. From the comments that I have seen from my friends when it first screened in theatres here, it is pretty obvious to me that the highlight of the film is definitely on the action sequences portion and perhaps the visual effects that go along with them. True enough, there really isn’t very much of a story, nor witty dialogue to captivate your mind, but simply looking out for action. Lol.

In the action department, I would say that it’s probably the best “area” of the movie. There were certainly some nice scenes to look at, mostly with a lot of help and enhancements with the use of effects technology, but the before and after build up and aftermath aren’t that well handled to say the least. Okay, I admit I watched this solely for the action, and how much (or rather, little) of the game is incorporated in the movie. As I mentioned earlier, there was one segment in which it was closest to the game the movie was inspired from, and it was fairly all right when comparing with many other things in the movie (or lacking).

While the post credits footage seem to suggest that it is not truly over yet, I am not sure if it is a sign of some sort of sequel to it, perhaps under a different game title? I mean, I don’t see how we can have another round of battleship like this, since it will only spell nothing but further doom (if it’s possible) for story and whatnot. Lol, we’ll wait and see, though currently (as of time of drafting), I am not expecting any sort of sequel to continue this ‘story’.

I can totally understand why people only talked about the action after they watched the movie, because that’s probably the only thing worth talking about. At least, I will want to agree with that. Well, no harm watching an action flick once in a while, but it still wouldn’t score very high. My take: 5.5/10




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