Nearly Forgotten

15 01 2017

Whoops, looks like I have nearly forgotten to write an entry for this week’s update. Too engrossed in doing other stuff and enjoying myself that I kept telling myself I will write an entry later in the day and as time went by it slipped my mind. Hmm, could it also be part of becoming older and passing my prime in terms of memory and other forms of retention? Lol, I certainly hope not.

In any case, here’s to start with the work stuff I suppose. The week has been fairly busy I suppose, though I think I’m not the one who had it the worst so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining too much. Well, let’s just say the hours go by pretty unknowingly while trying to clear tasks, which I suppose is a good thing in a way but at the same time it also means there really isn’t much time to randomly pay attention to other stuff which may sometimes give me some hints as to what to expect in the near future. After all, with the not so “transparent” environment where many things are not exactly shared until a much later time, taking note of the signs is actually somewhat important in order to avoid getting surprised much when the time comes. Ah well, let’s see how the coming week goes, which at this point should be manageable until random stuff jumps in and take up extra time.

Backlog wise, I suppose I have been pretty relaxed recently and didn’t exactly clear a whole lot. I suppose that is somewhat in line with not wanting to clear shows for the sake of the clearing them as much this year as compared to the previous, but it’s not like I have spent a lot of those time into gaming in a sense. Could be partially due to me feeling more tired than usual that I didn’t feel the desire to game much but rather just laze around and enjoy some relaxing stuff after working hours. Ah well, hopefully I will be able to better manage the new tasks at work so that I still have sufficient energy to enjoy my usual after-work activities like I have been doing for the past few years. In any case, although I have nearly neglected this week’s update, I have actually already scheduled the entries for the rest of the week (another factor why I thought I have already done my blog business for the week?) and this time there will once again be a few entries making it out of the reserves and finally seeing the ‘light’. Those entries were really written quite a while ago that I don’t remember the exact feelings and mood while I wrote them by now. Lol…

Well then, this is probably one of my fastest written weekly updates in recent times, in terms of words written per unit time. Perhaps I should have such efficiency for future entries too, since that will save much time and also train myself to be able to pen down my thoughts (coherently?) in a shorter time which is a good thing I think? In any case, take care and I shall see you next week.

p.s. there are other things which I would have liked to write about, but I think I will leave them for the coming week since I think it might actually be a more appropriate time for me.




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