Kirin no Tsubasa

14 01 2017

Japanese title: 麒麟の翼 ~劇場版・新参者~
Rating: PG
Running time: 129 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

Some info:
1) AsianWiki
2) IMDB Profile
3) Official Site (Japanese)

Having enjoyed the TV series previously, I was looking forward to the movie ever since it was officially announced. Unfortunately, the theatres here did not screen it as far as I understand and hence the wait for is made even longer but eventually the chance arrived and of course I wouldn’t miss the opportunity. Glad to know that it still turned out to be an enjoyable watch retaining the flavour and style that many of us are familiar with.

It doesn’t take much to assume/expect/guess that the entire 2 hour film will be focused on a single case, the case which opens the movie and the one that will bring many other characters involved in one way or another together. While the focus is on the main case, there is also more background and other incidents that have been brought to light and these factors influenced the occurrence of the case in subtle but significant ways. Those familiar with the presentation style of the title will know that things are not as simple and straightforward with whatever is first presented to us. There might be important clues or potential details that may come into play later on but very often it is not the answer that we are looking for.

I like how the pace is not overly quick, yet at the same time it does not go so slow that it gives off a draggy feel. Perhaps the pacing of the story worked well for me but may differ from someone else who has different preferences or expectations in mind. The atmosphere of the movie is simple, but it usually fits the flow of the story development and settings. I wouldn’t want to spoil the ending too much here, but it’s really a mixture of meaningful/touching moments as well as some not so fortunate conclusions. In any case I would say it’s generally fitting to the various characters and how it influenced them to decide their next steps/actions in life.

Overall, for those who have enjoyed the series will continue to find this another film that is worth a watch. For those who watched the movie first and found it enjoyable should give the TV series a shot. It should also be something to your liking as well and the movie does not provide any significant form of spoilers at least when it comes to solving cases since it is a standalone case here. No score given as per my usual habits, but if I had to give one it would be relatively favourable anyway.

p.s. I still prefer Aragaki with long hair. Lol.




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