Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

12 01 2017

Rating: M18
Running time: 127 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) IMDB Profile
3) MovieMistakes Profile
4) Official Site (English)

I haven’t seen too much publicity for this movie, but since it had some pretty good ratings on IMDB and supposedly having received generally critic response as well as being nominated for quite a number of awards, I thought it should be a movie worth a shot. Indeed, it is probably a movie that is unique and special in its own way, but it was not so easy for me to be able to enjoy it right off the bat.

Given the nature of espionage and all the kind of ‘politics’ to deal with, the focus is also more of the schemes and mind matters at work rather than running around with high tech gadgets and infiltrating enemy strongholds, it can be a little dry at times with all the talking and talking. I understand it is an essential element of the entire plot but it really took a while before the major stuff can really be pieced together nicely into something more complete.

In my opinion, it is sort of a ‘gamble’ between whether the movie reaches a ‘critical enough’ point before the audience loses interest in what they are watching. For me, it is more of the case of the latter, but I still watched it through without skipping scenes. I would say if the audience genuinely belonged to the former group, they would probably have liked this movie very much. When things finally fall into place and things all make sense, one would realise that all the dialogue and interactions previously had its own purpose and it was well served.

For those wondering what the 4 different occupations in the title have to do with each other, watch the movie and you will eventually realise its significance. It’s nothing particularly cryptic as well, at least the way it was presented in the movie. Things will definitely become clear as you watch on. I got to admit the non-obvious jumps in chronological events took me a short while to catch before realising it is so. Probably wasn’t concentrating enough or something.

Overall, I can probably feel why it is well received on a number of sources and had its own fair share at awards and nominations but it turns out the pacing didn’t fit me too well, at least on the occasion while I was watching it. It still definitely has its charm but unfortunately I wouldn’t be giving a high score based on my viewing experience. My take: 6/10




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