Unknown Times

8 01 2017

It’s time for another weekly update, and honestly the days went by pretty quickly without actually enjoying them one bit, especially during the work days. Thankfully, the week was shorter than usual but it just means that the coming week may become a greater challenge to get through since recently there are a couple of long weekends.

Seems like there will be a big change in my work duties, and it will likely not be such a pleasant walk in the park, at least it will probably be challenging at the beginning. Oh well, on paper, it is probably something I should be able to handle, just that I am not sure if the schedule wise allows for me to transition and adapt properly. For now, it will really be pretty much firefighting every day and having to re-plan and schedule my todo list on a frequent basis. In any case, I suppose there will still be some things (or principles? lol) which I will stick to as much as I possibly can, since I still don’t see the light yet. Hahaha, trying to put it nicely. I just hope you don’t see me complaining too much over here in future weeks. Heh.

To be honest, I haven’t cleared much backlog this week because work has been more taxing and I don’t exactly have the mood nor energy to be trying hard to catch up on those stuff. Oh well, it’s okay. After all, it is probably more important to enjoy the process than do it for the sake of doing it which I am already doing for many other things in general. That said, it is not like there is a whole lot of fighting game videos to go around so I shall be continuing to tap on some reserves for the time being. Yep, it’s already scheduled for the coming week. Also, I am a little lack in the gaming department but I suppose I really do need quite some amounts of energy and concentration to be able to enjoy the process. Perhaps I will try to squeeze in some time later today before a supposedly hectic (most likely it will indeed be the case) week comes.

In any case, this year looks to be something really rather unknown to me, at least I can’t seem to imagine/predict how many things will turn out. It’s only the start of the year and I’m already getting all these uncertain worries. Hopefully things will become clearer for me over time and I will come out better than before. In the meantime, I need some more chill time. Take care and please drink up more in this hot weather.




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