Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

6 01 2017

Rating: PG13
Running time: 129 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

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The sequel to the print to screen adaptation of this famous detective, the plot sort of continues from the first movie with Holmes still on the incidents planned and crafted by the mastermind revealed towards the end of its prequel. But if you haven’t watched the prequel for whatever reason, I believe this movie should still be understood by watching it as it is.

The movie jumps right in with serious matters underway, thus the lack of much introduction and stuff may hurt the first time viewers. Fights and conflicts start right off the bat, sometimes it does feel strange that the movie sometimes has more action sequences than actual detective work being done. Of course, we will still get to see the brilliance of Holmes, though certain investigations and deductions are sometimes done ‘on the fly’ and things happen really quickly. Guess it’s also to show how fast our ace detective is able to process and comprehend all the details ever so effectively and work out an appropiate course of action accordingly.

Another good thing about the movie is that it keeps the audience’s attention with constant progress and development of the plot, so it doesn’t really get dull at certain points in time. Perhaps the way the conversations are written also helped to keep things fresh when there isn’t much action on-screen. We also get to see the nice friendship between the 2 partners while going through tough times, though they do like to argue from time to time due to their differences in handling matters. Pretty entertaining to me.

However, for all the brilliance the villain is supposed to have, and how far he would go to achieve his aims (or at least some of his objectives), I was kind of disappointed at how his grand plan was foiled without sufficient back up to finish the job. I guess it’s to give Holmes a certain amount of winning chance or we would not see good triumph over evil like we usually do. Haha.

The closing portion of the movie leaves it in an open ended fashion, creating the possibility of having a sequel, or not at all. I certainly wouldn’t mind another one as long as the standards can be maintained and it is able to provide this much entertainment and enjoyment. It’s not too surprising that it performed fairly well in its box office takings when it screen in theatres worldwide. My take: 7/10




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