Looking Back at 2016

1 01 2017

It’s the first day of another year, so it seems like I have somehow spent another year away and made it through. It is typical of me to not have any special plans to do countdown or anything like that since I am pretty much treating it as another long weekend to enjoy. Well, nonetheless I guess I shall try to look at some things, maybe, if I still feel like writing it by that time comes.

Before that, it’s still a weekly update so there are the ‘usual’ stuff to clear, starting with work. Well, not surprisingly, even more people were clearing leave to combo with the dual holidays and long weekends, as well as clear their quota for those days which cannot be rolled over to the next year. As for me, since I have been clearing a bit of leave here and there throughout the year, so I was around for the entire week. That said, the work pace was mostly quite okay, since there are some things which can’t really progress as the person in charge won’t be back until the holidays are over, so I suppose it was a relatively peaceful week on the work front. Not sure if the new year will start off with a hectic week, but hopefully not =D

Haven’t been clearing a lot of backlog recently, because the usual old problem is back to disturb me again, and thus my efficiency to do stuff is kind of bad, and I don’t exactly have the mood to be indulging in stuff which should be enjoyed when I am fine and well. I also haven’t scheduled entries for the week yet but I suppose I will get on to that shortly after this entry is done. At least, I am done creating the new sitemap subpage for fighting game videos in 2017 and beyond. Yeah the previous page was getting a little sluggish to load and edit, and since it’s already also rather lengthy, might as well start a new one, not that it takes much effort to do so. In any case, it looks like I will need to tap on those reserves in the very first week of the year.

Ok, now for the yearly special(?), to do a quick summary of the year which just passed. Actually, I haven’t actually sat down and do ‘reflections’ or any of that sort which I think is what some people will spend time doing to see where they are in life, and what they will set out to achieve in future. Let’s start with something simple that can be retrieved off-hand. It would appear that I have set another new “record” for the number of entries written for some reason, though I didn’t feel that I was all that diligent in clearing my backlog. Ah well, all these entries would probably see the light one day if WordPress doesn’t suddenly decide to close down, since it seems the export doesn’t include the image resource added into the entries and the such. In any case, writing entries is more of an avenue for me to practise a little bit of writing, as well as to perhaps train up my multi-tasking attribute since I am pretty much watching some “simple” or less important show while writing these days, including at this very moment. Hmm, perhaps that is how I hit a new record for last year.

Other stuff have also happened, like switching the OS platform for my mobile, and perhaps thereby being stuck in that camp depending on how things unfold. So far, I think it is pretty nice to use though I have to see how is ‘degradation’ fares against my other past experiences, but at least so far so good without having to monitor a heck lot of details. Also hit a new high in terms of expenditure though it was not that much of a surprise to me since it has been on an increasing trend in general over the years, what more with a couple of big purchases made this year. But well, I think I am still managing my finances fairly okay, at least not in any foreseeable trouble just yet. The one which worries me the most is probably the problematic thing which has come and gone several times during the course of the year, especially in the last stretch and am currently still having issues with it. I’ve started to take some actions on it, but to bring it to the next level I need to find the right window to start a proper regular regime to really test and see how much positive (or negative at the beginning) impact it will bring. If possible, I would want to make this my main task to tackle for this year and perhaps even for years to come since this would likely take a long term effort to execute. There are still other things I would like to do, but knowing me, it is probably better that I focus on one main thing properly since even that is not a guarantee that I am able to see it through. Yeah, me and my lack of resolve for most things.

Anyhow, I think it has been a pretty length entry, and maybe it is not the best to start off the year with such a long entry since my typical habit these days isn’t to write such a long entry anymore. It is also time for me to really sit back and relax, and to enjoy the remaining a day or so for this long weekend before embracing a new year of work again (noooo). Take care and I shall see you next week if nothing unexpected happens.




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