Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

24 12 2016


Rating: PG
Running time : 134 minutes
Opens: 15 Dec 2016, Now Showing

Some info:
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4) Official Site (English)

Being in the Star Wars franchise, it is probably one of the movies that many have been looking forward to despite it being a side story of sorts as compared to the main Episode series. It is set between the original trilogy and the 2nd trilogy though to be honest I can’t really remember much details from the original trilogy.

In this standalone side story, the plot is pretty much very straightforward, and how it would progress I suppose is relatively predictable too. In some sense, I was pretty bored by it during a number of occasions as it was also progressing quite slowly sometimes without providing much exciting stuff. Then again, I kind of expected it to not have a whole lot of explosive stuff considering it is sort of a bridge between main Episodes and that most, if not all, characters of high importance here would probably be new faces or just having a one-time appearance.

What I felt was done pretty nicely would be the visuals in general, though one could say that this level is kind of expected from a franchise like this in the current era. That said, it is indeed something more pleasing overall than the plot for me, so I shall just take it. Music wise, somehow it lacked impact even during the supposed tense moments for some reason, something which is different from what I recall from the main series. There are also probably references here and there though I could really only spot a small handful, likely the obvious ones.

Overall, if not for the name and reputation of the main series, this movie would probably not be as successful as it currently is in term of box office earnings. Personally, it wasn’t such a great and enjoyable movie – just pretty average to me. My take: 6/10




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