In Search of a Direction

18 12 2016

Looks like another week has gone by again, and it is time for me to return to this little space to attempt to write another weekly update. I could have written this earlier but been putting it off doing random stuff because I am not exactly in the mood to be writing or actually doing anything much in general. Usually I will be happily(?) relaxing over the weekend. I guess it’s one of those weird times again.

Anyhow, starting with work stuff, it wasn’t exactly a fun time playing catching up after missing work for a couple of days due to the discomfort/swelling as mentioned last week (I think?). Yeah, it was indeed quite a hassle trying to catch up and currently I am still slightly behind the original plan but I suppose I will have to continue to deal with it when I return on Tuesday. Yeah, as part of clearing leave to the minimum level where I can roll over the remainder to the next calendar year for the time being, the coming Monday will also be my final planned annual leave of the year. Ah well, there are also other challenges in the pipeline for the work stuff and it looks like life will get tougher in the future, if those plans really do get rolled out. Guess I have to see what lies ahead for me and see how I can adapt accordingly. No point brooding over it now anyway. Haha.

For the entries in the coming week, there won’t be a full week of fighting game videos. Yeah, there hasn’t been a lot of content showing up in my subscription list recently partly because there really isn’t a whole lot of new games or content release lately so it’s not as happening as the past weeks but I suppose that will change when the new year comes around and more stuff start to be rolled out again. Yeah well so I can finally tap on my reserves a little though it’s not very much. Heh, but it seems that I don’t exactly recall what I have written until I took a glance at them while scheduling off earlier today. After all, those were written a few years ago. Lol.

In the meantime, I suppose I will be going back to dealing with whatever is bugging me, or try to find something positive out of it to be glad about. In any case, it should be the end of this week’s update since I am not exactly in the mood to be writing much. Take care and see you on X’mas…




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