Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1695

16 12 2016

Street Fighter V matches from Capcom Cup 2016 finals. The top 16 matches continue

YOUDEAL Yukadon vs MD Mister Crimson

RZR Xian vs GameWith Eita

PG Filipino Champ vs BX3.TP-Link Phenom

Qanba Douyu Xiao Hai vs RZR Fuudo

RB Luffy vs YOUDEAL Yukadon

RZR Xian vs GGP Kazunoko

BX3.TP-Link Phenom vs CO GO1

And now we finally move to the top 8 matches

MOV vs Liquid NuckleDu

EG Ricki Ortiz vs YOUDEAL MJS Haitani

RZR Fuudo vs YOUDEAL Yukadon




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