Pain and Discomfort

11 12 2016

It’s time for another weekly update I suppose, and probably my bad streak hasn’t ended just yet. Lol, as the title suggests, that’s exactly what I am feeling right now and it’s definitely no fun trying to write out an entry with that bugging me constantly. As it is, the usual me already has problems writing a nice entry so today’s might be even worse than what you are normally exposed to. Hah.

Starting with work, I would say work wise most of the week has been fairly all right. It seems someone has some bigger plans in mind so the future days ahead might be (actually, is almost surely if the plan rolls out) more stressful but hopefully it will still be manageable and can learn some useful things from the experience. Never mind that, the “highlight” of the week would really be the annual company event held outdoors and not surprisingly this is the root cause of what is causing my current state at the moment. I knew I couldn’t survive the entire day’s event so I intended to sit out the afternoon portion (which supposedly is the more fun part) from the beginning but I didn’t expect the damage from the morning session to be so huge. Of the (few) people I’ve asked so far, they did find the event more enjoyable this year, so good for them. But for me, the afternoon session was really boring because there was practically no one around, so if I were also to sit out the morning session to totally eradicate any possibility of suffering damage, then I might as well not go for the event but it seems that such permission isn’t easily granted. Oh well, for me it definitely wasn’t an enjoyable event but I guess the goal is to let the majority be satisfied with the event so I doubt my opinion would matter in the end. Haha, got to find a way to convince to get myself exempted from the event in future maybe. In the meantime, I guess I can only “enjoy” this pain for now =(

Backlog wise, I must say I haven’t been clearing a whole lot because the discomfort can really be quite distracting to be able to enjoy stuff very much. That said, I still have managed to finish enough videos to be scheduled for the rest of the week, which I have already done. Oh well, it also seems that I have some entries to be written which I have been slacking off for about a fortnight now. Not sure if I will be able to concentrate on that so it may just snowball more and more. In my current state, I also can’t really enjoy the games I’m playing so I really have no idea what’s the best way to relax right now. In any case, it doesn’t look like the days ahead would really be an enjoyable time for me. Not sure what is going to motivate me to forge ahead… Oh well. Take care and I’ll see you again next week, hopefully.




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