Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1689

9 12 2016

KOF XIV v1.10 trailer – featuring visual improvements. Well done, at least they have responded to the community and did something

Street Fighter V Akuma trailer

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite trailer

Garou: Mark of the Wolves launch trailer

UMvC3 Vergil, Doctor Doom, Vergil by Kane Blueriver

Devil Jin combo video by Dark Chaotix, apparently from a Tekken 6 PSP mod

BBCF Kagura combo video by Sairenji. Audio is muted

BBCF Mai Natsume combo video by mekasue. Audio is also muted.

BBCF Hakumen combo video by Nikki. Audio is also muted here.

Street Fighter V Laura combos by mpendastell yashiro




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