A Series of Unfortunate Events

4 12 2016

Yeah, I am late this week again, but I suppose this time it is sort of expected, with that home internet outage which plagued pretty much the entire island for users under the national telco, and poof, there goes half my weekend without home internet. Granted, they claimed to be waiving off mobile data usage, but knowing them there is still this risk of being overcharged first then have to go ‘dispute’ and claim it back, a process many others would know is a troublesome process to call into their hotline to achieve that. In any case, I’m here now, so I shall try to finish up the entry =D

Let’s start with work stuff as usual, and the past week has been quite okay, though it has been kind of busy. Not surprising as features start to roll in for testing and the deadlines draw nearer. Not sure why they suddenly want to push so many stuff out in such a short time when there was clearly a relatively more blank period just not long ago. Oh well, feedback this issue about scheduling and planning several times already and it doesn’t seem to fall on the ears of the few who can directly influence the outcome. This is also my biggest gripe with the project now, though there are still some nice colleagues around while they are also still able to tolerate some of these practices. Some have already left, perhaps for other reasons, but I am sure there is still some effect no matter how some people may try to convince me otherwise.

Ah well, I guess it’s more busy times ahead in the coming week, though there’s that annual event at Sentosa which I am half worried about. Well, at least my team doesn’t seem like the super enthusiastic type, though majority of them are “new hires” experiencing this for the first time and may be a little more curious on the event goes. That said, apparently this time round it is quite different from the past 2 which I have attended so hopefully it is more enjoyable. However, there’s still the worry of me being unable to withstand the whole day activity given my recent ‘injury’ due to an attempt to exercise a little more than usual. To be honest, if the games happen as speculated, the distance in which I have to cover would probably be more than what I attempted the previous time and ‘failed’ spectacularly. The thing is, I have no idea where my limit is, and by the time I receive ‘signal’ that pain/ache has set in, it could be too late already (like the recent episode). More on this in the next entry I suppose, assuming I’m still okay enough to be typing. =P

Moving on, I haven’t scheduled the entries for the week yet, mostly because the outage yesterday affected my clearing of videos. That said, it just requires a little more before I am able fully ready to schedule the stuff for the week so it shouldn’t be much of a problem ‘catching up’. And sort of ‘thanks’ to the outage yesterday, I have cleared a little bit more of my backlog but I realise there is some ‘idle time’ while I watch the episodes since I find that it didn’t require my full attention on some of the episodes I caught, so I had to ‘plan’ what content to be “binge” watching so that I didn’t feel all that bored. In any case, now I have a couple of entries waiting for me to clear which I suppose I will try to do it over the days. As usual that segment isn’t as crucial per se since no one’s gonna be seeing them anytime soon.

And so, the outage is one of the not so lucky things which happened to me recently, but that’s not the only issue I have with the telco. Initially I was supposed to call in yesterday to enquire about the mysterious charge given in my bill, but with that sort of incident happening yesterday, naturally calling in is something impractical to chase back for a small amount. I will probably have to make my move some days or even beyond that until this recent episode dies down. To be honest, the amount isn’t all that huge, but I suppose it is more of a matter of principle here rather than affordability, and perhaps some sensitivity and ‘obssession’ with numbers sticking to my mind. There are also other small things which is not exactly devastatingly unlucky, but it also indicates a less than average luck hovering around me recently. Granted, none of those events alone have changed or will change my life significantly, but having a string of all these small things can be a little disturbing. Hopefully the fallacy will become “true”, where something better/good will happen to me soon enough. If something good happens, I might share here in future, but hopefully there will be lesser of bad things.

Well then, I think this entry is already pretty long by my standards, so I suppose the wrap-up is around the corner. There are still other things which I can talk about, but probably they will seem too trivial to everyone else so I shall keep them to myself for the time being. Take care of yourselves and I shall be back next week. =)



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