27 11 2016

Hey there, it’s time for another weekly update, and this time I am early again. Actually, it’s not the best time of the day to be writing this but I get the feeling that I will become lazy later on and end up being overdue again, or something like that. It has happened and it will be quite likely to take place again =P

As usual, let’s start with work. For the most part, I would say it’s mostly peaceful though the near future doesn’t look all that great to be honest. At least on paper it really doesn’t. Also had my annual dialogue which I didn’t find exactly all that helpful to be honest, but I guess it’s something to go through. Not sure how much of my feedback would be taken seriously or just end up as being treated to be some sort of ‘complaint’ though I have already tried my best to explain the specific area which needs some looking at. Ah well, I suppose what’s really “important” in the end is the next talk at the start of the year (based on past experience). There was also a year-end developers team “town hall” and some of the things were discussed, including plans for the coming year. Surely doesn’t look like it’s going to be a relaxing time anytime soon, and I am not sure how much of the ‘promises’ will be delivered, or attempted to be executed. Only one way to find out I guess, assuming I still stay in the same project which should be quite likely anyway. Hic.

Backlog wise, I suppose I am slowly able to watch shows ‘in peace’ recently so it’s good to see things going back to somewhat normal really. Haven’t been writing entries for those yet though, perhaps something to work on later on. At least there is no pressure on that part to dish out since it will take a while before it’s seen by any of you anyway. I will also probably need to spend some time clearing fighting game videos, which I haven’t touched at all in some time. The amount of videos hasn’t been that much recently, so probably don’t have to spend as much time to catch up. That said, there are still enough entries to go around for the coming week, though there will be a special insertion due to my recent outing just some hours ago.

I might be a bit late on this, but I realise going out with friends can be quite an enjoyable thing. Not sure if it’s because I haven’t been doing that much for some time and lately I have sort of attended quite a number of events which I would normally not have, or skip, and I find that while the time spent together may not be the most ‘efficient’ in a number of metrics, but somehow there is something which I cannot get from ‘optimising’ my time alone. Oh well, will try to participate in more activities, but that would also be somewhat dependent on my other long term plan. In any case, I am still in the midst of getting used to my new ‘gear’, and after that there will still be a lot of work for me to put in before I can see results and stabler days ahead. Well, it’s going to take quite some time, so have to wait and see how it goes.

A month of ups and downs is about to end, and hopefully December will not be such a rollercoaster. Then again, it will be a bad thing if it remained downed for the entire month too, since I doubt it will be a month mostly filled with ups. Ah well, shouldn’t worry so much at this time and continue to enjoy my weekend… Take care and see you next week.



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