Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1675

22 11 2016

Street Fighter V matches from Canada Cup 2016

RZR Xian vs RB Bonchan

RZR Infiltration vs BST Daigo Umehara

BST Daigo Umehara vs Liquid ‘NuckleDu

RZR Infiltration vs EG K-Brad

Zowie Gamerbee vs Hsien Chang

KOF XIV grand finals match from Canada Cup 2016 – Qanba Douyu Xiaohai vs Panda Dakou

KOF XIV v1.03 fireball dodge review by Gato Ray

Street Fighter V empty jump demonstrations by Rikk. Fairly useful I guess

Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe Kudlak SIN trailer

BBCF trailer




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