501 Weeks and Beyond

20 11 2016

It’s time for another weekly update, and as the title suggests, that is pretty much how ‘old’ my blog is currently at. It’s still going, so it will probably be able to run for some months to come at least, so I suppose I can probably work towards a greater ‘height’. In any case, I think I shall continue with the usual format first, and may decide to type a little bit more about other stuff.

Well, so to start off, we always have the work segment. Long story short, the week has been peaceful and chaotic. Sounds contradictory but it really depends on how it is being looked at. And considering the kind of ‘crazy’ things some people are up to again, the past week is probably something relatively peaceful I suppose. Sad to say, some people are reverting to their ‘old ways’ when they said and promised to improve things. Hopefully they would realise something over the weekend and work/negotiate something out. Sure, people can work harder just so that certain things can be met during deadlines which are not normally possible using typical work pace, but from all my time in the project for nearly 2 years now, it will and has definitely affected the morale of the staff. Many have come and gone, and while I have not actually asked any of them directly, it is pretty obvious a portion of these people who left are partly due to the work culture and the kind of satisfaction which is derived from the work done. After all, some of those people are actually (technically) brilliant people, so I find that it can be quite a pity sometimes especially when good talents are hard to come by.

I believe I have already done my part in giving feedback every now and then, and also put in effort to help smooth certain things out where I could possibly influence and I do know that there are colleagues who are somewhat appreciative of some of the things I’ve done, or at least acknowledged that I have already tried to make the situation less undesirable but there is only so much I can do with my current role and to be honest I am not exactly keen on a ‘managerial’ role in the project even if I am given the chance as I am definitely not capable of actually handling it myself first-hand. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t choose that path from the beginning as I know I lack certain important traits which would make me a good worker in those aspects. Ah well, work wise I guess I can only see how I will adapt and react accordingly while trying to juggle all the workload which will come in soon enough. Let’s see if I will bother to update in the next weekly update. Lol.

For the coming week, it will once again be another week filled with fighting game videos but it seems the reserves on that one is slowly reducing so I may have to revert to inserting some of my ‘reviews’ soon enough. Speaking of reviews, I haven’t exactly be writing much of those because recently I haven’t really been clearing shows. Recovering from my problem was one factor, but it is also partly due to the fact that I went out on a number of evenings after work this past week which is probably the first time which I have done so since I started working. So, what’s the special occasion you may ask. For one, it is to spend one of the last few chances with a colleague who’s about to leave for a possibly greater pasture overseas. Well, it should be better for someone who is seeking for greater technical satisfaction, achievement and growth. It is a pity, but at the same time I should be wishing him all the best for the sake of his own goals and life path. For another, I have also gotten my new phone and am still trying to get used to it due to the massive differences. At least I am mostly done with the migration for the crucial stuff so all that’s left is to spend more time with it and get more comfortable at using it.

To be honest, due to the unexpected activity earlier this week, I find myself pretty tired this weekend and I should really be sleeping more, especially to prepare for the highly likely ‘chaotic’ days ahead. In any case, I should continue with my plan soon at the rate things are going, but that’s going to be a real challenge. Ah well, we shall see how things go. For now, it’s time to say goodbye once more and I should be seeing you (actually it’s just this little space) next week. Take care~




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