Dark Times Ahead

13 11 2016

Yup, it is time for another weekly update, and for one of the rarer times, I am writing this in advance, actually some one day ahead. Well, that’s because I may not be in the mood or condition tomorrow to do so, given that how my condition keeps going back and forth, up and down. To be honest, I think I have rested a lot, drank lots of water and even taking medication as instructed, but the effects may vary, and quite a bit at that. I have no idea when I will be considered to be fully recovered in order to take that next step in my (possibly) long term plan. In fact, due to this worsening, I have taken an extra day of leave to rest at home because I wasn’t in any condition to be commuting to and fro work, and that this whole thing is actually distracting from my normal concentration levels and stuff like that.

Maybe I’ll go back to talk more about that, but maybe not. In any case, here’s an attempt to follow the usual format, starting with work. As you might have guessed, there isn’t actually a whole lot to talk about since I have taken 2 days off work to rest at home though the effects were not as desirable as I had hoped. In any case, it seems that I will have a task to clear in the coming week, but at this point it is assuming I am able to function normally for work purposes so we will have to see about that. Also, this year’s annual company event is probably something I am not very looking forward to, not just because it is going to be outdoors again with likely similar themed activities as the past 2 events I’ve taken part in, but rather given my current durability I am not so sure if I am able to sustain the entire day even if I manage to avoid active participation in the games directly. Oh well, that’s in about a month’s time so hopefully I would be in a better condition by then.

Backlog wise, to be honest I haven’t been clearing much because the discomfort also affects my ability to concentrate on watching show properly, at least I felt that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy and appreciate shows like how I normally would be able to so I have decided not to just clear backlog for the sake of clearing. That said, thanks to my constant ‘hard work’ at accumulating those fighting game videos entries, the coming week (and actually the one after) is still pretty safe and has already been scheduled. I guess that’s in part of having quite a bunch of match videos from the Capcom Pro Tour as it draws nearer to the finale event.

Before I end off, I really do hope I will be getting better and fully recover soon as for one of the rarer times, I actually have quite a number of things I want to do for the time being and this whole condition is getting in the way somewhat. I hope I will be in good shape the next time I revisit this little writing space.




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