Recovering Again

6 11 2016

It is time for another weekly update, and thankfully this time I am in a better condition (and mood?) to be writing this. Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be more content. We shall see how it goes. Haha, but I guess I will still pretty much follow my usual format.

Let’s start with work, though I suppose there really isn’t a whole lot to talk about since I have missed a couple of days due to my pain acting up really bad and thus taking another 2 days off thus you could say I didn’t achieve a whole lot at work. Then again, it is not like I have a lot of main tasks under my belt at the moment so I had the opportunity to continue a little bit more exploration on the Android automation front. But it seems like I may have to take over some stuff from another colleague in the coming week though I am not familiar with half of the stuff which needs to be tested. Never mind, I can always find out more on what the whole thing and act accordingly. Shouldn’t be something too difficult for me to handle if I bother to find out more. Well, that’s for the coming days to be occupied with so not much point thinking too hard about it at the moment.

For the week ahead, most of the entries have already been scheduled. I say ‘most of’ because there is still an entry which I haven’t drafted which would be a movie entry that will jump the ‘queue’ according to my blog entry ‘algorithm’. Yah well, I don’t suppose such things happen very often anyway, but it was nice to meet up with friends I suppose. It seems not so easy to get friends to meet up these days despite trying every now and then. I think I will work on that after I am done with this entry.

To fill up the space, I suppose I might write about other stuff which I usually don’t. For starters, at least I have found the cause of my problem this time round and it was indeed as I had expected. Due to that, there will be change in plans on how I am intending to proceed with my long term action after I fully recover, as well as having to spend some money in order to take greater care of my legs. Well, I suppose that means more expenditure to come, but that will also have to come after I fully recover from this time round. Ah well, perhaps it is time to change some mindsets and attitudes. Maybe it will be sort of the ‘turning point’ of my life. Or maybe it will just end up as something I fail to see through till the end, though this is the outcome I am trying to avoid the most. Never mind, I guess I should try to work towards living a life, rather than living out the time. It will probably come with a lot of hassle and uneasiness, but I suppose that is how things work if you are going to make a change, what more a big change at that. This will take time to see how it goes, and really will take quite some time…

Well then, I guess that is it for this week’s update. Probably still quite boring and uneventful, but that’s nothing too surprising right. Haha. Ok, I need to go write off some of those writing backlog and clear a bit of the video backlog. Take care and I should be back again next week. =)

p.s. why is it so hard to secure an iPhone 7+… and it’s not even a 256GB version, nor a jet black colour option…



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