Relapse Coming?

30 10 2016

Oh, I’m really quite late this week for the usual wordy entry, and that’s mostly because I am feeling quite crappy at the moment and you might be able to make an obvious guess based on the title. In any case, I am still here now though I think there won’t be a whole lot of things to talk about since the past week has been pretty peaceful.

Work wise, things continue to be at a relatively not so hectic pace and I am back to exploring something else which was put aside for some months due to the main tasks taking up all the time previously. Well it certainly wasn’t easy reverting to it, since I wasn’t all that familiar with it to begin with and thus have to recall how I did some things previously despite all the wordy comments I’ve put in there to explain what the previously done stuff were. Unless something big happens starting this week, I think I would most likely have a little bit more time to look at it for the time being. In any case, I just hope work isn’t going to be too much of a pain to deal with.

Backlog wise, I didn’t exactly watch too much shows the past week since I’ve been playing a bit more though I ain’t exactly making a whole lot of progress on the latter front either. Well, still managed to clear fighting game videos so that will continue to occupy the regular slots into the new month. Yeah, also scheduled them prior to blogging this since that really takes a whole lot less effort than writing an entry like this despite this being a really simple update anyway. Ok, I also started a little project of mine, hopefully I will be able to take it into the long term as well as improving on it as time goes by (when I get more used to it) though I must say I ain’t exactly very encouraged by it at the moment. Oh well, it is a pretty important project so I hope I will be able to make myself see it through eventually.

There aren’t many hours left to the weekend and you can probably tell I’m not exactly in a mood to be writing so I suppose that will be all for this week’s update. Take care of yourselves and I hope none of you would actually be in some sort of suffering. See you next week, hopefully in a better condition than I am in right now.




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