Recovered For Now

23 10 2016

Yeah it’s time for another weekly entry and I think I am finally somewhat okay, as compared to the past couple of weeks. That’s a good sign I suppose, and it is probably also an indicator that I should try to start on my next phase of my long term plan which I don’t really have a whole lot of confidence that I will be able to see it through. Nonetheless, I should still give it a try. Maybe I will talk more about that if I manage to sustain for some time, or see some good results coming from it. Well then, time to go through the usual ‘formula’ for my weekly entries. =D

So, we are going to start with work related stuff again. I should say that the week went fairly peacefully, and for the most part I wasn’t under too much pressure and could help out with some misc tasks. Definitely not the most productive week, but I suppose it is also good that the pace was not as fast as some of the other weeks which allowed me to have more time and go easier on myself. Perhaps that helped in the recovery phase, or maybe it’s just a coincidence. The coming week should be not too bad, considering I would be on leave towards the end of the week for yet another self-made long weekend. Still have a few more days of leave to clear for the rest of the year (after allocating the maximum amount to be carried forward), so I suppose I will continue to execute this spreading of leave plan so that I have short breaks every now and then. I think that’s the best style for me since I am not intending (or actually doubt can sustain) to go overseas for the time being.

Backlog wise, while I have managed to clear some shows, I haven’t exactly been writing the corresponding entries because I have been spending some time playing the new season of RoS. Not sure how long the interest in that would last, but I suppose I would want to progress further than last time because I started on that too late, and the previous season ended earlier than usual (according to what I see on forums). Anyway, thanks to the relatively not so stressful week, I have managed to cover enough fighting game videos again and it is done scheduling for the rest of the week, and perhaps even somewhat ready for the week after that. In any case, there is not real urgency in terms of having to clear writing backlog for the shows I’ve watched, other than to continue to keep the ‘tradition’ which I have been doing for some years now. Ah well, probably will go back more to writing when I get stuck on RoS progression (need some luck to upgrade too actually).

Well then, I suppose I am done for the week’s update. Perhaps I’ll write a couple of entries while I am at it, or maybe not. Lol, take care and I shall be back next week. I also need to take good care to ensure another relapse does’t happen so quickly.




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