Continued Discomfort

16 10 2016

Hey, it’s another week, and time for another update. As the title suggests, I am still not feeling well even though I have already taken medication as instructed as well as having a couple of days off to rest at home. Granted, I did get better during the week but for some reason it is acting up again. I don’t think I have done anything wrong per se, so I wonder why it is having some sort of relapse. Then again, I am not sure if it is a relapse because the discomfort isn’t like last week, but I know that something still isn’t right either. Oh well, have to observe carefully and see if I need to take more drastic action.

So having missed a couple of days at work, I thought it would be a mad rush after I return to office, but thankfully it is not quite the case, partly because there are changes which took time to implement so I had some window to catch up on other matters. I suppose that is kind of a good thing in the sense that I don’t have to overstress myself too much in order to get back on track, considering that I already don’t have a good state at the moment. Pretty sure I will need to find something more fruitful to do in the coming week, if the pace of the main track continues to go at the rate at which it is doing so the past few work days.

Backlog wise, despite having a break from work, I wasn’t exactly in the best shape to be clearing stuff at an intense rate anyway, so the progress has still been fairly mild. Speaking of which, I haven’t started clearing the fighting game videos backlog which I normally would have made some decent progress by the time I blog the weekly update. Well, I should probably get down to it later on in the day, or perhaps even into the night, but at least I still don’t have to worry about scheduling the entries to come this week. Yeah well, the videos trend continues and it looks set to see through for the rest of the month at the rate things show up. Probably the bottleneck and deciding factor would be me, rather than the availability of videos to put up. Lol.

Well then, the weekend is not far from being over, and I have to deal with a full work week ahead, assuming I remain “fit enough” to bring myself to work. Of course, I hope whatever is bugging me doesn’t get worse since it is better off to just go to work than continuing to deal with this. To be honest, my mind is kind of blank at the moment and I shall just end here abruptly (like usual?). Take care and I’ll see you next week.




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