Discomfort Strikes Back

9 10 2016

To be honest, now isn’t exactly the best of times to be awake, much less blogging the weekly entry but well as the title suggests, I am not exactly feeling all that well right now. I’m still trying to figure out why it has become like this while waiting for the medication to take effect. Lucky for me, there is still the right medicine around and it was right to get extra for rainy days like these, well not that it is literally raining now.

Well, since I’m at it, might as well continue with the usual structure, starting with work. Hmm, another eventful yet not so eventful week since I am still at the same old stuff and I think more changes are coming which will delay the timeline yet again. Not exactly all that surprised, though the initial urgency of some who pushed for it to be completed early didn’t seem to quite match with the reality I am facing right now. Ah well, I’m sure they have their own concerns as well as troubles which I don’t know about, so better not to criticise them so much until I know more. I suppose that means I will have to see what comes up ahead and probably have to find some bigger task to do in the ‘free time’ while these changes are being implemented. I should probably wrap up the self-evaluation/review document sometime this week, though writing stuff to make me look good isn’t that easy with the presence of some brilliant colleagues in the same project. Ah well, probably just write the truth (in a nicer format) and submit I guess.

Backlog wise, as expected it grew a little bit again because I took a break from gaming and some shows happen to have their end recently. To be honest, I thought some of those shows were doing quite well and meaningful, but for whatever reason it has ended for now so I suppose I will have to follow fewer shows for the time being until they decide to revive the series or make a “2nd season”. In any case, scheduling entries will not be involving those shows anytime soon, and definitely not the ones which I have just wrapped up. Yup, they are already done scheduling for the week, since I can’t exactly sleep right now anyway. There’s still a bunch of entries to draft, though I probably will try to go sleep after finishing this update. Maybe I will write them later in the day, if I can’t manage to concentrate on doing other things thanks to the discomfort.

I suppose I need to do something about this sudden discomfort I am feeling. I say it is discomfort because I’ve felt way worse before. Perhaps I really need to take some concrete action about it, but at the same time I need to make sure I will be able to see this action through the long term since I have tried before and gave up months later. Wish me luck on something like this, especially when it really requires quite some effort to just do the minimum. The last thing I want to mention about before I end this entry is that I am currently considering which phone to switch to when I am eligible to do so without having to pay extra to ‘upgrade’. If I were to stick to my weird restrictions, there really isn’t much options I would be interested in with what the Telco is offering at the moment. After much deliberation I have pretty much narrowed down to 2 choices and I probably still have like 3-4 weeks to make a decision. If any of you happen to read this and have some opinion to share, feel free to do so in the comments (though I seriously doubt there would be any).

Well then, it’s time to say goodbye for the week. Take care and I hope I will finally be able to catch some sleep after wrapping this up. See you next week.




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