Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1634

4 10 2016

KOF XIV Terry’s restrictive combos. Looks like this iteration of KOF has a number of such issues.

KOF XIV Billy combo clip by persona

KOF XIV Verse combo clip. Nice conversion from a punish…

KOF XIV Tung combo video by KOF is a festival

KOF XIV Yuri combo clip by Gutts

KOF XIV King combo clip by Kane Blueriver

KOF XIV Love Heart setups

KOF XIV Ryo combo video by Merlin’in Kazani. Hmm, the ‘parrying’ component takes up quite a bit of time, but I suppose it is also some sort of informative display.

KOF XIV combo video by Mikadok

Street Fighter V Urien combo clip by Venom44




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