Losing Track

2 10 2016

Well then, it is the start of another month, and it is also time for another weekly update which I will try hard to fluff it up once more. A busy week has gone by and I think I have over-indulged this weekend, playing around without caring for the time, or rather losing track of the time, but this ‘losing track’ isn’t what the title was meant to be when I first started writing this entry.

Anyhow, going by the usual format, here comes the work section. While I may have taken a day off at the start of the week as part of my spreading out leave plan, the rest of the week was still pretty hectic because the big feature required much effort to get done. And well, I think I have done my part within the working hours so far, in terms of catching up with the fixes delivered, and pointing out the stuff which are wrong or requires more work so I think I am still “doing well” on that front, though the reality of the deadline doesn’t seem to suggest so. Then again, there’s only that much I can do with what I have, though perhaps I could have done a bit more but I think the time effort and actual value of going that extra bit would easily be covered the next working day. In any case, this is likely to continue in the week ahead so I think I will have to deal with it for a bit more, though to be honest I am a little sick of looking at that feature.

As mentioned, I have been indulging a little bit this weekend, but that doesn’t mean I have neglected the entries which are meant to be scheduled for the rest of the week. Well, guess the loads of videos which have been out recently is being put into good use now. Writing backlog wise, for once I did try to write a couple of entries during the work week and thus I don’t have that much to catch up on right now, though it’s always building up as long as I stop writing. =D Well, I will probably get back to it soon enough so that should be fine, if I stick to the ‘priorities’. Lol.

Well then, I think that’s about since I have pretty much covered the usual stuff. Hmm, not a lot of it is different from week to week right? Hic. Never mind, as usual, take care and I will see you next week.

p.s. seems like more and more people around me (read: people I know) getting engaged/married. I guess it’s really around that age where such things happen eh…




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