Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1623

21 09 2016

KOF XIV special intro compilation by けんきち. Not sure if it contains all, but it sure has more than the bits I saw while watching playthroughs earlier.

KOF XIV Official Invitation team voice compilation by けんきち. Actually, it does not contain every single voice clip of the characters, but hey it’s still a cool compilation. Lots of efforts in making those winning quotes…

KOF XIV Kukri combo video by TheBringerOfSadness

KOF XIV Dinosaur combo video by NightOfTheSun

KOF XIV Benimaru combo clip by Gutts

KOF XIV King basic combo video by Antinomy

KOF XIV Angel combo video by Merlin’in Kazani

KOF XIV Nakoruru fireball punish by Gato Ray. Looks difficult…

BBCF Litchi combo clip by Uri_WoZ

BBCF Jin combos by Jourdal




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