Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1622

20 09 2016

KOF2002 combo + bug video by Richter. I’m pretty much with ALX with what he wrote in the video description. Hopefully, one day I will know the concept behind this.

KOF XIV Joe combo video by Opsclerk. Looks like another character with 100% damage combo found

KOF XIV combo video by Combonauts

KOF XIV Gang Il combo video by Y. Xiao

KOF XIV Geese basic combo video by Antinomy

KOF XIV Vice combo video by Black Koshinomi

KOF XIV Tung Fu Rue bug by Joe

Street Fighter V FANG combo video by cjbqulix

KOF XIV Nakoruru fireball test by Gato Ray. That’s one mean bird…

KOF XIV option selects against Nakoruru by wauhti




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