Slow Moving

18 09 2016

Yay, it’s time for another weekly update, but I guess that also means I’m not far from starting a brand new week of work too. Ah well, the past week has been fairly pleasant – probably partly because it was a shorter work week thanks to a public holiday and that the real big task hasn’t really fallen into my hands just yet.

So as mentioned, the working week was quite peaceful, but it just means that it will become more hectic when it is my turn to be tackling it full time. Currently I can only poke around what needs to be done but the real thing can only come later on when it’s (sort of) really ready. I guess it’s going to be more of those ‘see as I go along’ kind of situations, something which by right shouldn’t happen for such a big feature. Ah well, I shall see how it goes the coming week.

As usual, the week’s entries have already been scheduled because there is really ample videos to go around though I wouldn’t say all of them are going to be the best stuff since new and better things come out pretty quickly. But I guess I shall just stick to my usual style and put up whatever I have seen over the past days/weeks. Yeah, it will definitely last till sometime in the coming month and looking at the rate it has been recently, it will probably continue for some more time to come. In the meantime, I shall continue to work on that backlog which hasn’t been getting much attention recently. I have no idea why that is happening too, even though I thought I have already spent quite some time on trying to clear it.

Think it’s a pretty quiet week and I really have nothing interesting to update, so I guess that’s about it for this entry. I should probably spend the time on clearing some of that writing backlog instead of cracking my head to come up with something (meaningless?) to fill up this space a little more. Take care and I shall be back next week, hopefully. =D




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