More Rest Needed

11 09 2016

It’s time for another weekly update, and this time it is another long weekend thanks to a public holiday coming tomorrow, which is just about good timing for me to get a break. Well, it also fits well with how I would like to spread out my break days, of sorts.

The past week has been really busy though my part was more on the days before the big event happened because I had to do some stuff. So I didn’t do a good job last week because it was my first time executing such a task so I had to sort of redo, or rather present the results in a more informative and useful manner. Ah well, can’t really complain since I didn’t do a good job, nor verify several times to make sure it was good enough and all. Never mind, at least you can say I learned something new, or rather, learned how to do it more properly since I already sort of had the right track previously. Not a bad thing I suppose, even though I didn’t enjoy having to put extra time each day since it is something I kind of detest. In any case, the main event seemed to have run pretty smoothly overall, and it seems the actual response was far too great in some places. Not sure if that is a good thing, or a bad thing, but I suppose it should be considered a success of sorts. Well, I don’t know much about the exact details. Maybe I will get to know more of it in time to come, or maybe it will remain a mystery until god knows when like how some other things go.

That said, it is not like the coming week will be a breeze, since there’s still another big feature which needs my attention. But then again, from what I understand, it is not exactly ready in a state good enough to do real proper work on it so I might have to deal with it within an even shorter time when it is actually delivered. Ah well, it’s probably something for me to look at for the next couple of weeks I guess so I shall try not to think too much about it right now since I will have more than enough of it when the time comes.

Moving onto other stuff, as mentioned previously, scheduling entries for the week ahead is still “pretty easy” with the videos available and in fact there’s still a bunch which I haven’t touched yet. I guess the streak will indeed continue for some time to come. That said, I also need to clear some of those writing backlog which I haven’t exactly been working on, though the actual show clearing rate hasn’t been very high recently anyway. Should probably try to set things “right” during this long weekend since it clearly indicates I have more time to do such stuff anyhow. But looking from past experience, I will probably fall short in the end. =P Never mind, it’s mostly stuff that you can’t really see from this directly anyway, so it’s actually no difference to whoever visits this place, even on a regular basis.

That’s probably for it today, since I don’t really have much more to talk about. Also, I am kind of tired, mostly due to me and my weak physical limit nowadays. Ah well, too lazy to train up on that so I get these discomforts when I do something different from my usual routine. Take care and I should be back the following week if nothing goes wrong.




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