Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1608

3 09 2016

KOF XIV Dream Match event, featuring top pro players who are not known for specialising in KOF series. It’s a nice attempt at doing publicity though… Demo build used here.

KOF XIV Ikari team combo trials by Khaos Gaming

KOF XIV Ikari team story mode walkthrough by R3D Gaming

P4AU Aigis combo video by persona

KOF XIV Hein combo clip by Opsclerk

Injustice 2 gameplay footage from Gamescom 2016

Street Fighter V Daigo matches from ESFHK

Street Fighter V Juri setup/reset by Bboy_duck

Street Fighter V V-reversal punishes against Chun Li’s EX legs by Rikk

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Chipp anti-blitz & reverse oki by AtTheGates




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