Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1605

31 08 2016

KOF2000 combo video by LZHXX. The official release of this new way of making combos by utilising a new bug which wasn’t shown to the general public for years until now, because someone else has apparently also found the secret to this. There will be more to come in the days ahead.

KOF99 Evolution combo video by RealFatDragon and other combo makers. Pretty neat production here. Brings back memories with that intro…

KOF XIV K’ team trailer

KOF XIV K’ team combo trials by Khaos Gaming

KOF XIV K’ team story mode walkthrough by R3D Gaming. I skip the fights – here for the cutscenes and storyline only.

KOF XIV Yuri combos by alioune

KOF XIV Shun’Ei combo video by Combonauts

Tekken 7 FR Heihachi combo video by TheMainMan

Street Fighter V Juri option selects by Bboy_duck

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Chipp combo clip by AtTheGates




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