Enjoyable Break

28 08 2016

Time for another weekly entry, and being the usual me, I am “late” once again. Well, I guess I spent too much time clearing KOF XIV videos as well as sort of half playing some games here and there. Yah well, as usual it is not like there is a whole lot to talk about, unless I decide to share some thoughts about KOF from a pure spectator point of view.

But whatever it is, it should always begin with work stuff I suppose. Well, there is finally a new submission of the app, though as I had guessed, it did not go as planned. Hmm, I guess I’m getting “better” at eyeballing some of the trends though there’s still no real “scientific” backing as to how I get these gut feelings. In any case, there are big events coming, and at the same time there is going to be a big feature request coming along in the background. Not sure how we are going to cope with all that, but I guess the next month will probably be quite a hectic time. Hopefully, it is not going to hit me too hard, or at least let me find a way to somehow get through it in 1 piece nicely. In any case, I don’t suppose the days ahead are exactly the kind I would be looking forward to. Never mind, it’s going to be another of those taking a step at a time. Hic.

Hmm, cleared a bit of my writing backlog, but I guess about half of it is still sitting there. Been spending much time clearing the pile of KOF XIV videos, since I don’t really have an opportunity to directly play it. Well I suppose there are options such as buying the game and thus the console, or going to those gaming lounges which has that title in their games library, but I suppose either option isn’t really my style, at least not at this point in time. That said, I still enjoy my time when watching all the stuff though I must admit the actual gameplay isn’t the best visuals in recent time. However, I found that the cutscenes and the ending scenes have really quite nice quality which I presume is rendered differently especially for the 3D cinematic portion. Ah well, at least the general reviews I see is that the actual gameplay is really quite fun and it seems that the netcode patch is around the corner. Having a stable and good netcode will really help with the longevity of the game, which is something I would gladly see.

For those who know me, I am more interested in the combos rather than match videos, and with such a huge cast, I suppose the combo fever will continue for quite some time, not to mention the amount of time is needed to cover them all, then to explore the game in depth. Hopefully, that means I will be able to enjoy all these videos for quite a long time to come. Well, it’s almost a week since its launch and I think there is still a whole lot to explore, considering how fast some of the ideas evolve. As for match videos, I am not so sure how much I would actually take a look at, perhaps once in a while at best, now that there is so much combos content to keep me occupied. Yes, that means that I probably wouldn’t need to worry about scheduling entries for the week for a while now. Heh.

Oh right, I have not talked about why the title is as such. Well, as part of my plan to spread out my annual leave days, I took one day off on Friday, so it becomes a self-made long weekend. Always nice to have such breaks once in a while since I don’t need to take block leave for travelling overseas, but not sure if it is the best time to enjoy before a stormy time is about to come. Ah well, what’s done is done, and I can’t exactly predict things weeks in advance, at least not with my current abilities. Oh well, time to continue clearing more stuff in the various backlog! Take care and see you next week. Yeah, have to take extra care with the return of the haze problem as well as the recent Zika outbreak. That also wraps up another month of blogging I guess…




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