It Is Near

21 08 2016

Hello there, it is time for another weekly update and for one of the rarer times, I am “early” since I am sort of in the mood to be writing. Actually, it is more like I am not in a state of unwilling to write or that I am “burned out” from writing which have happened on some occasions when I was clearing my drafting backlog. Then again, it is not like it will have any positive effect on the things I am about to write since the content aspect is always lacking with the way I am living my life mostly.

As usual, we shall start with work. On my part, I suppose it has been a fairly fruitful and peaceful week for me, with my main tasks seeing decently good progress and it is probably not going to be the “weakest link” when it comes to getting ready for submission. That said, I will never know if something unexpected pops up which is fairly common these days so it is never over till it’s over. I suppose the biggest thing is that one of the developers have decided to go back home, and thus supposedly transferring to the branch office in that country. Normally, such personnel movement doesn’t have much impact on me, but this time it is someone whom I have worked with for more than 1.5 years, and is also part of the lunch group so I suppose there is still this sense of “loss” though you could say I am not really as close as anyone in the work environment as I would have been as compared to my previous work experience. Thanks to a very overrun meeting, I have also missed the opportunity to have a last group photo and stuff. It’s not so much about the photo really, since I am usually not very into such things, but it is more of missing the opportunity to say farewell formally that is a pity to me. Ah well, I guess it’s another of those ‘memorable’ things that will stick with me for some time to come. Not sure how this departure would affect work in general, but most likely it will become all right after some time, maybe. Well, wait and see what happens I suppose.

For other matters, I am slowly back to clearing my backlog once again, though it is still at a fairly slow pace. Well, I don’t think that matters a whole lot as usual. What I am more concerned and interested in is that, KOF XIV is going to be officially released later in the week, and that’s when I suppose the massive flood of videos will start coming, and it should last for quite a while since the character roster is pretty huge. I have watched the unboxing video, but I suppose I am not going to get my hands on it since I have no corresponding console to go along with it so purchasing the game itself no matter how much I like the franchise probably doesn’t make much sense. Ah well, I guess I will continue to be part of the audience and slowly digest all the content visually as they come. Will probably become a ‘busy’ period for some time to come I presume, but it’s something I would gladly look at despite what some people may say.

Well then, in the meantime, it’s back to my usual stuff while the weekend is still here to enjoy. Yep, the week’s scheduled entries have already been put in place too. Take care and I shall see you next week.




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