Losing Steam

14 08 2016

It’s time for another weekly update, and not surprisingly, I am not ‘punctual’ once again. I guess I haven’t been writing much entries in general and kind of lost ‘steam’ when it comes to typing out stuff, not that I was really good at it to begin with. In any case, there seems to have some significant events which took place this week which I may choose to write about, or maybe not later on in the entry. Let’s see how my mood is when that time comes.

Going by my usual pace, it should begin with work stuff. For the most part, I would say it was relatively peaceful on my part, with me being able to clear my main tasks to whatever I can before being ‘stuck’ due to whatever reason it may be. That said, if they don’t intend to change the deadline, that could pose a problem since there really isn’t a whole lot of time left and there’s still quite some work to be done/completed, not just on my end. Ah well, changes happen so frequently I guess I have to wait and see, and adapt accordingly. Hopefully, nothing too frustrating will happen since I am really not good with dealing with those sort of scenarios. Those of you who know me better would probably agree. Heh. In any case, next week would be a full work week unlike this one so I suppose it would be a less pleasant one to begin with anyway.

On to my backlog and stuff, as mentioned at the very beginning I haven’t been writing much entries again, and that’s really because I haven’t finished much shows in recent times though I continue to clear my fighting game videos. So once again, scheduling entries for the week would not be an issue, but building up on my reserves continue to take a relatively stagnant pace. On the note of fighting games, it seems that some people have broken the street date for KOF XIV, though the official release date is still more than a week away from now. I haven’t gone actively searching for footage or details of it, since I know it is coming soon, and I would rather wait for my usual subscribed channels to dish out their stuff, but it is surely going to be a long ride to clear everything once it really releases since there’s so many characters and all. Well, I guess I will still enjoy catching up on those, since I don’t exactly have an opportunity to play it for myself in the foreseeable future. Here’s to hoping the actual release and sales would be a success so I can continue to see future productions and development from the developer/publisher.

In the end, I think I will not write about the big events which happened this week, but I suppose it is something most people are celebrating over. Not sure what the follow-up(s) to it would be, but hopefully it will be something good for the nation overall even if it means making a small group of people not so happy. After all, no decision can satisfy 100% of the people. Just have to make a justifiable call. Well then, I suppose I should go off and enjoy whatever is left of the weekend before having to face a full work week again. Take care and enjoy your weekend too =) See you next week.




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