Gotta Catch ‘Em All (Not)

7 08 2016

So, the much awaited craze has finally hit Singapore officially, but that is not the reason why I am late again this week. As usual, I am too distracted by other matters and also I don’t really have a great deal of stuff to write about I suppose. In any case, I will just try to fill this up with my usual nonsense and see how things go.

Let’s start with work related stuff I suppose. So I have indeed managed to survive the entire week, though I have taken extra care to make sure I get more rest than usual (work weeks). Tasks wise, I suppose a big milestone is finally out of the way after several delays and postpones, so it is probably time for me to focus on other todos which have been waiting there for weeks thanks to this other milestone. The coming week will have a public holiday in the midst, so I suppose that it is somewhat good news for me. I also had part 1 of my annual screening this year, and I must say this year’s experience based on what I saw and went through has to be the least smooth and good of the 3 times I have had thus far. Some people were “luckier” while others also felt something wasn’t so right this time as well. Also got to know of some staff movement and departure during the week. Can’t say that’s something nice to hear, but I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later considering some sort of trend around and at least I got to know it before it actually materialised/happened which is relatively rare for me. Ah well, one day it will probably happen to myself as well, if things don’t go entirely wrong. Meanwhile, I suppose I have to cope with changes as they come.

As for my usual backlog, I have to say that this week is probably the week which I have completed the least drafts this year (so far), partly because I was distracted by the events on the mobile games I frequent, as well as embarking on a long drama series which could very well be like 6-7 standard anime series in terms of duration, so I guess having few drafts this week is an expected outcome. Nonetheless, the week’s scheduled entries are already all ready put in place, since there is still leftovers from fighting game videos. There should still be enough for another week to come if I am not mistaken, though I haven’t cleared them off my ‘watch later’ backlog just yet. I guess I should also “restart” work on my backlog, been slacking too much. Lol.

Ah well, I suppose that is all for the week, since there’s really nothing much to talk about. For those who finally can play the AR game for real, please keep yourself safe and take note of the surroundings instead of keep staring at the phone. See you next week then…




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