Delayed Recovery

31 07 2016

Hello there, it is time for another weekly entry, but I am not really feeling up to it to be honest. I have been ill for a while now, a week to be exact, and I haven’t fully recovered yet. While I may feel better after staying at home for quite some time, I am not sure if returning to the workplace will worsen the situation again. After all, I can’t take long naps at work which I think is really crucial in terms of feeling better. More rest is good.

As such, there really isn’t a whole lot to talk about work, since I was only back for 1.5 days in total this past week. I can only say my backlog for work is probably going to be a pain to clear once I get back to work again tomorrow, and this is why I really need to recover. Then again, being ill is definitely not a good feeling as compared to working. Hopefully, the office flu is more or less done with its lifecycle this time. I had enough of dealing with it really. In any case, it doesn’t look like the week ahead would not be something to look forward to. Let’s see whether I will end up ranting the next time round. Lol.

Backlog wise, I haven’t been progressing much either. I mean, what do you expect me to do when I feeling out of it for the most of the day? Lol, that’s why being ill is really worse than the usual (boring?) schedule I have every week since I can’t really do anything meaningful either way. That said, thanks to the influx of videos recently, the week’s entries have already been scheduled before I really fell ill badly. Considering the the timeline of things to come, perhaps it will be a long streak of fighting game videos for the weeks to come, though I don’t expect the number of entries for this category to overtake my ‘reviews’ for the year, considering the gap right now.

In the meantime, I need to really consider how I would want to do some things in the months to come, or rather what I would rather not do. It will probably take some time before I am able to set my heart to doing it (somewhat). In other matters, I see my mobile phone acting more cranky these days and I still have a few more months before I can replace it without having to incur much higher cost than what I am comfortable with. Hopefully it will be able to last till then.

Well then, I suppose that is it for the week. Let’s hope a brand new month will bring about something good and leave the bad behind. Take care and I shall see you next week.




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