Getting Used To Relaxing…

10 07 2016

For one of the less often occurring times, I am actually writing this “on time”, but I suppose it’s only “rightful” that I am doing so considering how this week has been a pretty relaxing week for me thanks to my own artificially created long break which I would probably talk a little bit about it later on.

That said, it is not like I didn’t go to work at all, just that it’s much shorter this week. Work wise, I suppose I did try my best to finish up whatever tasks I could before I went on break. It was a little packed in the sense that I really tried to stuff instead of spreading it out nicely over the week to complete. Of course, there were some things I couldn’t do because they were not ready for me to tackle just yet. Not sure if anyone would have covered for it while I was away, or maybe I would have to play the catch up game when I return starting tomorrow. Not to mention I also have to start preparing for my next presentation which I suppose I have finally figured out what I would attempt to share though I don’t think it’s all that fantastic. Lol, heck, at least make sure I put in the effort to prepare and I think I should get by somehow. Hic, I guess escaping from work for some days has its consequences here. I shall see what happens in the coming week…

For those who know me well enough would know why I intentionally took a long break, partly to combo with the public holiday which smacked in the middle of the week. Well, actually I don’t really celebrate it, but I suppose it’s an excuse for me to take a day off. In the end, I pretty much camped at home for the entire period since there wasn’t really anything outside that attracts me to go out to take a look, and ya well trying to get people for an outing is something which I have already failed multiple times this year so that’s enough for me. In some sense I am all right with just chilling alone at home, rather than going out and doing things which I dislike more. In any case, I am supposed to have entered a new chapter in life, or so some sayings like to go, but then I don’t feel myself finding the direction I really want to go. Ah well, I suppose I could end up bumping around for a long time to come, unlike some friends I know who have concrete plans. Hic, that’s just being me I guess =D

For the coming week, I have actually already scheduled all the entries a couple of days ago. I suppose having a long break enabled me to clear stuff ahead of my typical schedule, heh. And actually, my writing backlog has also reduced to a respectable small number, something which I hardly see. If I am “hardworking” enough, I could probably clear all of it in a while from now, but I suppose it depends on whether I will be in the mood to continue writing after this. Somehow, when it comes down to it, I don’t see it through thoroughly enough. Ah well, not that it matters a whole since those entries probably will be sitting around in the reserves for quite some time to come. =D

Well, my long weekend is coming to a close soon, and I will have to go back and face reality starting tomorrow. Not sure how I would take it, but I do hope I will be able to get by without much difficulty, especially having need to “adjust” back to work schedule rather than super flexible time to do whatever I want whenever I want during the past few days. It will also probably be my longest planned break for the rest of the year since I suspect I would be spreading out my leave days since I think that works for me in the long run and I am not going overseas just yet. In any case, take care of yourselves and I should be back next week. See ya =)




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