Almost Half Gone

26 06 2016

Hello there, it’s time for me to come up with another weekly entry but as usual I don’t have much inspiration from it, and you can even tell that from the title up there. Well, it’s almost the end of the month which also means roughly half the year is almost gone. Kind of fast maybe, considering the amount of things I have actually completed and done. In any case, let’s just see what sort of things I can come up with.

Work wise, been trying to clear tasks and bring the project ready for their initial target for month-end launch. There has been some progress, but I doubt it will truly be ready in a few days’ time, not to mention there are other people who need to look at it before it can go live. At best, I would say the functionality would be (mostly) there for the main use cases, but to sort out all the details, I think it will still need some time to refine and touch up. Ah well, I am already trying my best to be nice to the various stakeholders while making sure I do my part. There’s still a bunch for me to go through next week and hopefully I have sufficient time to complete them without having to overwork too much. We’ll see, but I think the week ahead is definitely not going to be a very peaceful one. Just hope for the best and see what turns out.

In other matters, it would appear that Steam sales is here again, though this time it isn’t particularly exciting at the moment. Maybe it’s the deals, maybe it’s the age, but I guess I will continue to execute my ‘plan’ and it has been going decently fine at the moment. Not sure whether I will be getting any games, but there’s still time to think anyway, given the format of this time’s sales. Moving on, this coming week there will be no need to draw from my reserves because there’s enough to get by with just fighting game videos alone. That’s partly to me stumbling upon a new channel, and also other factors like some uploaders putting up more content than usual though they are mostly short clips. Yeah well, they are already scheduled and done since it was all ready and it’s easier to schedule entries than to actually write one (like what I’m doing now).

I suppose that is it for this week’s update. Pretty boring I know, but that’s the way I am I guess. The coming week will be a challenge, but I hope I get through it mostly unscathed. The week after that will be something to look forward to since it will be a pretty short one for me. More on that in next week’s entry I suppose, otherwise I’ll be shortchanging myself for future entries. Lol. Take care and I’ll see you next week.




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