Feeling Weak

12 06 2016

Yup, I am late again and as the title suggests I am not exactly feeling great right now. Nope, it’s not the same problem which gave me a long period off recently, but it’s something else that kinds of drains my attention and concentration, and at the same time making me fairly lifeless at this point. I haven’t figured out the root cause behind it, but at the same time I am not exactly at a point where I totally out of it yet so it can be a fairly annoying thing to be hanging somewhere in the ‘middle’. Oh well, I shall see how it goes over the next few days, especially for the rest of today and perhaps tomorrow. Hopefully I will recover somehow…

Anyway, let’s go back to the usual ‘format’, and starting with work, I am finally back to work after some days of being away and had to spend some time playing catch up. Thankfully, I should have finished most of my main tasks for now and the coming week should be tackling a new set of todos which hopefully will not be too difficult to wrap up. Things could get stressful towards the end of the month when some major stuff (in terms of testing efforts) have to be delivered and as of now those items still seem pretty far from completion (ie. eligible for first round of proper testing). Well, I guess I should have faith in the brilliant developers to be able to give us sufficient time to do our testing, otherwise I suppose it will become a pretty painful period as the days draw nearer. Whatever it is, I think I better worry about myself before I do so for my work, since work can’t be done if I am unwell. Heh.

For the coming week, I guess I will be continuing to tap on those reserves since I still don’t have enough video entries done for the rest of the week so yeah. Not that I think it affects most people anyway. Backlog wise, haven’t been clearing much since I have been feeling on and off mostly for the weekend but I will still try to draft up some of those entries before it grows out of hand. Or rather, I don’t like the feeling of having to clear a bunch of writing at one go due to my limitation in literary skills. Yeah, I have to schedule the entries first, which I haven’t done just yet.

Well then, I suppose that is it for this week. Hopefully next time you will not be seeing me whining about my poor health, or ranting about something at work. Basically no negative stuff is good stuff, at least for me. Take care and I shall see you next week.

p.s. it was nice catching up with a friend over the weekend, though it is just a simple session. I guess I am still pretty ‘old school’ in some sense huh…




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