The Proposal

11 06 2016


Rating: PG
Running time: 108 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

Some info:
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2) IMDB Profile
3) MovieMistakes Profile
4) Official Site (English)

One look at the synopsis and one would be able to figure out that this movie would a romantic comedy that probably is rather predictable and hopefully entertaining and funny along the way. But this movie leaves a bigger impression on me as a recommendation from someone and one of the first (or was it the first) movie that someone else brought his then girl to the cinemas to watch with him a couple of years back. Oh, and also being able to spot a continuity error just 2 minutes into the movie is also pretty memorable. Hah.

Lol, remembering the movie for the wrong reasons aside, the movie pans out pretty much the way I had expected after seeing the beginning portion and figuring out the generic personality of the main leads. Yep, after that it’s more of seeing when they get to have some nice interaction and then falling in love or something like that. Of course, you can expect some comedy along the way apart from some sweet moments and gestures, but otherwise it is pretty much average.

Ok, there are some parts which I can’t appreciate the humour, perhaps to due cultural differences or perhaps the different kinds of things that I am used to/exposed to. Nothing offensive, but it just didn’t quite click well with me so those parts looked kind of lame and boring to me. But considering this is a romantic comedy, I suppose it matters a lot whether these parts are actually entertaining.

The ending is, as expected, on the happy note side, though the crazy immigration interview thing continues into the credits. For the kind of expectations I had for the show, I suppose it has done well enough. Probably not so much for me to watch. My take: 6/10




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