Extended Rest

5 06 2016

It is time for another week’s update, and I’m late again. Yeah well, this time, the reason is because I am feeling kind of weird, probably due to some side effects of medication I have been taking the past few days. Yeah, I have been on medical leave for the greater part of the week, due to a problem which I have. I’ve mostly recovered from that problem, but now I have to deal with the side effects of sorts I suppose. Considering what the doctor has said, I should have half expected this to happen but it is still an uncomfortable feeling when it comes down to it.

Naturally, I wouldn’t have a whole lot to write about this time regarding work, since I have missed a greater part of the week. Well, I am quite sure there will be some stuff waiting for me when I return, unless it is so urgent that someone else was made to cover those portions which I have left behind pending changes from the developers. Ah well, I couldn’t be bothered to check my work e-mail after the first day of absence so I am really not up to speed on stuff. Also, I will be on annual leave tomorrow, something which I have already planned some weeks back which “unfortunately” comes to look like a long combo. Lol, ah well, coincidences do happen and surely I can’t easily fake a 3 day medical certificate from a licensed doctor. Hic, maybe this will affect my review later on, but it can’t be helped. Hopefully when I do go back to work as per usual, I will be able to adjust back to the working lifestyle since I have kind of lost touch with it these past few days.

I was wrong about the new character arriving for Street Fighter V, so there isn’t a spike in fighting game videos this week, so I will be tapping more on the reserve entries to fill up the rest of the remaining week. It will probably remain pretty slow for some time to come I suppose, since I don’t expect a whole lot of activity during this period. Good time to dish out some of the old entries from the cold storage then. Heh. Will go schedule those entries shortly after this.

Well then, I suppose that is all for this week, since there’s even fewer things to talk about with my absence from work and not really doing much in the meantime during to discomfort and such. Hope everyone takes good care of their health and I shall see you next week.




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