4 06 2016

Rating: PG
Running time: 148 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

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Definitely one of, if not the most, talked about movie of the year when it screened in theatres, it is unfortunate that I didn’t manage to find anyone to accompany me to watch the much debated film. So, after quite a long time since everyone stopped talking about it, I have managed to watch this acclaimed production.

By now, I think those who are interested would have already watched it at least once. Yup, I do know of people who watched this more than once, though I’m not sure if it was to take note of the smaller details or to confirm certain suspicions and theories that they might have. Either way, it means I don’t really have to talk much of the story here.

What made this movie the talk of the town boiled down to a few factors. Firstly, it is how the movie chose to let viewers see certain events, or more importantly which scenes to not viewers see directly or having “concrete proof”. The clever manipulation and selection will eventually reveal that there are certain crucial information not explicitly shown and much is left to deduction and hypothesis (sort of). Thus, it really allows for people to sit down over a cup of coffee or even sitting at home and having a mass discussion online, perhaps with other people around the globe.

Next, besides on what is selected to be shown and not, there’s also the part about what’s to be told and what isn’t. Many things are not given real explanations, be it where certain people came from, or how certain mechanics work exactly. Again, some guessing and whatever deduction is need to piece everything together when one has finished viewing the movie and once again, this can become a portion of what is to be discussed.

And lastly, it is one of those movies that you can’t really determine how the story is going to end in what fashion and through what means. As mentioned earlier, it’s only when the movie truly ends (at least for the running time) that one can finally try to piece and trace the things that have happened in the movie and decide what the ending meant. Again, the mixture of concreteness and ambiguity allows room for a few possibilities given enough assumptions. It doesn’t really matter which theory (possibility) I subscribe to.

Ok that aside, the visual effects used in the movie were also pretty nice to look at, especially all of that in the ‘dream world’. All the planning required beforehand before doing the actual shooting on whichever locations/sets they had to go to so that we got to see what we saw in the movie. Nice work in this department too.

Overall, after watching, it is not hard to see why this became one of the hottest movies of the year. It is an enjoyable and entertaining watch for me. One thing though, I didn’t find it was as complex and confusing as some people have exclaimed back when the movie was screening in theatres. If for some reason you haven’t caught this even after the entry gets published, may I suggest you find a time to give this a look. My take: 7.5/10




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