29 05 2016

It’s time for another weekly entry, and I suppose I am going to be writing another similar looking entry since I think there wasn’t anything particularly interesting or out of the ordinary this week again. Haha yeah, my lifestyle’s pretty boring and if something crops up, most likely it will be some rants related to work, so perhaps it is better to remain as something dull instead.

Well, let’s start with work stuff again I guess. This week I finally have some spare time to look at my automation work again, though admittedly it is really facing some slow progress on my side and I take kind of long to get something done. The combination of lack of time to fully focus on it, as well as my not so strong skills at doing such stuff probably contributed mostly to the slow progress. Well, I also have to learn along the way since it is something new, and have to adjust accordingly as I encounter new screens. Ok, I guess not having any hard deadlines is something which kind of encourages me to continue exploring when I am able to spend time and concentrate on it, but perhaps this opportunity will soon be gone. There’s a new guy who has joined the team and his main task is to focus on automation for the other mobile platform and I heard that there will be yet another newcomer joining which could possibly be focusing on that instead, so yup I have to see how it goes. I understand the need for more tangible progress to made on that front, but at the same time, it also gives me some mixed feelings about stuff too. Well, I shall see what happens next week, since things change so fast at the workplace.

For the week ahead, expect more fighting game videos, but I will still continue to tap on the reserves a little. With the month ending, I guess a new character will be released for SFV and that would likely translate to a small surge in videos after the release. We shall see how that helps me in coming up with sufficient entries. Speaking of which, it seems that KOF XIV is kind of picking up pace and hype for it is slowly growing. Unfortunately for me, I still have 0 intention of getting a PS4 at this point, so playing that game might be out of reach for the time being. I will probably still find a way to touch that game since I have at least touched every major title in the series for a little bit (ok, maybe not the console ports of arcade versions). Just hope as much improvements can be made as possible though looking from the release date, there’s probably not a whole lot of time left for that any longer.

There’s still some time left during this weekend, and I still have some loose ends to tie up for the week. Hopefully, I will be able to clear them (for once? lol) before it ends, but otherwise it will be pretty much the same old ‘problem’ for me. For the rest of you reading this (not many I presume), take care and I shall see you next week/month. Cheers.




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